The sea export of grain from Ukraine again reaches high indicators

18 май, 15:00

The sea export of grain from Ukraine again reaches high indicators, similar to those before the war. During the last six months, Ukraine sent 27.6 million tons of grain and oilseeds abroad through the Black Sea ports, which almost corresponds to the average export figure for the pre-war period. ObozUa's report indicates this.

The flow of grain ships through the ports of the Odesa region has become a key stage in the recovery of the country's economy. However, experts emphasize that this may be a temporary phenomenon.

Ukraine removed the Russian fleet from the Black Sea, which allowed ships with Ukrainian goods to sail freely. This led to an increase in the export of grain and oil crops almost to pre-war levels.

However, Ukraine has faced a number of problems, including Russian attacks on port facilities and lower harvests. The US Department of Agriculture predicts a reduction in Ukrainian grain exports in the near future.

Analysts note that despite the difficulties, the export of grain remains extremely important for Ukraine. Tariel Khadzhishvili, the head of "Novik" LLC, claims that without the export of grain, the Ukrainian economy is at a standstill.

According to Lloyd's List, in March, the number of arrivals of grain vessels at the ports of Odesa region increased to 231 from five in September. This was facilitated by agreements that Ukraine concluded with global insurers to provide ship insurance.

Currently, Ukraine can only use the ports of Odesa region for sea export of grain. Even so, these ports are shipping an average of about 4.1 million tons of grain and oilseeds each month, close to their pre-war export figures.

According to the Dragon Capital company, the return to operation of Odesa ports can contribute to the increase of the gross domestic product of Ukraine by several percentage points in the current year. However, analysts warn that the success of Ukraine's new sea route may be limited due to constant Russian attacks.

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